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Just ordered a Red Sox coat for the dog :)

In Uncategorized on December 17, 2010 at 9:11 pm
Fleece Red Sox Dog Coat

I love that the Red Sox logo is on the top of the coat like that

This shopping season I’ve been trying to be creative with my gifts so I’ve been spending time on sites like where you can find unique items.

This morning I stumbled on Shirl’s small dog clothes shop where she makes all kinds of dog clothes by hand. She had a variety of fleece coats which I love and to my surprise a Red Sox coat in Roxy’s size!

As soon as I saw the jacket I knew I had to have it! I’m probably going to save it for Dave’s birthday now since it is only a few weeks away — I’ll have Roxy come running out in it when he’s watching sports!! 🙂